Evolution of Latest Mobile Apps over the Past Decade

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Latest mobile apps have come a long way from the dull and boring designs. it is largely due to the improvements in the coding languages and the increased processing computing powers that the smartphones now possess. The evolution of mobile apps has also been fueled by faster internet speeds we now have access to.

There are many new technologies that have been integrated into the design of the app like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

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Since the innovation of virtual reality has become known to the masses latest mobile apps have been developed to capture this segment.

The applications have been in the fields of education, medical and for businesses etc.

The integration of VR means that the modern developer has to consider all the implications and evolve their design.

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Augmented reality refers to the use of mobile apps and other software to enhance the experience we have with the real world. It increases the engagement with the technology and applies real-time informatics to facilitate the users in making decisions or for entertainment purposes.

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Pokémon Go is one of the leading innovations in the AR segment of the latest mobile apps. The fame and popularity of the game shows that the potential for disruptive technologies is immense and the users are readily accepting and moving to adopt them.

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The usage of devices and their applications that we have seen in the science fiction movies and read about in the novels are all becoming the reality. The time is not far when we would be able to share flavors and scents over the internet.
In fact, some of the leading scientific research teams are working on way to stimulate the senses using electronic impulses.

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The future of the latest mobile apps seems to be very promising, but there is no way we can predict the direction these trends would take. In this age of disruptive technology, we can only be certain of one thing alone – It would changed the way we use technology entirely.


Author: pixelslogodesign

David Watmore is a Marketing Executive by profession. He is a professional, responsible and qualified candidate and employee for Pixels Logo Design, associated with a team for logo and website design. He is known and celebrated for his creative concepts, fresh ideas and artistic imaginary work. He is a dedicated and committed designer to bring unique and custom concepts for client logo and website.

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