How to make your Place in the Creative Logo Design Industry

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The Design industry has been doing wonders lately, making place for creative young minds to pitch their design ideas in the Creative Logo Design Industry. Graphic artists are really popular in the recent times.

If you believe you have the capability to design a logo which would contribute to making a certain brand stand out, then you can follow some of these tips which may help you achieve the design you wish to see playing a significant role in the industry.


If you let a wide variety of ideas cook inside your brain, gradually they should coalesce into the logo you’re looking for. The trick? Knowing where to look for inspiration in the very beginning.

Search world-wide all over the internet, and you will end up with something derivative. Certainly, look at other people’s logo designs, but also look beyond that, at design in general and the wider world. Try to figure out what you would have done differently had you designed the logo. Whenever you see something that stands out or appeals to you, for whatever reason, file that thought; It will enhance your design process and contribute to your new logo as it starts to realize.

Just doodle

A common practice carried out by the best in the creative logo design industry is doodling. Sometimes you can overthink these things and end up getting nowhere, so why not cut your conscious mind out of the loop and instead let the creativity flow, unguided, with the help of random doodling? You may as well end up with a page of pointless scribbles, but somewhere in the disjointed mess of doodles, you might spot something that ignites the spark of inspiration.

Blast your brain with random images

Search Google Images and Pinterest to find inspirations. It does not have to be relevant to any particular industry as the best designs are always conceived out of the box. Add the results to your notes. Pick a color here, a shape there, a word, a typeface, then see how well they come together.

Stay receptive

At the end of the day, inspiration can strike anywhere, any time. Be receptive to the ideas that flow through your mind. Sketch something as soon as it comes to you and then revisit it later to see how it might work within the parameters of your brief. Even if such doodled concepts don’t make it to the final version, you can always revisit these designs when working on a different logo. At these early stages of the design process, you need to allow your creativity full rein. Give yourself plenty of ideas to work with and then take the best elements from each and save the rest for another time.



Author: pixelslogodesign

David Watmore is a Marketing Executive by profession. He is a professional, responsible and qualified candidate and employee for Pixels Logo Design, associated with a team for logo and website design. He is known and celebrated for his creative concepts, fresh ideas and artistic imaginary work. He is a dedicated and committed designer to bring unique and custom concepts for client logo and website.

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