The Importance of Logo Design for Educational Institutions

It is evident that no nation can survive without education. A child starts learning from the moment he opens his eyes in this world but the formal education starts from the time he is admitted in to an educational institution. Education is not just reading or writing though; it’s about having the knowledge and being able to reason. Education shapes the future of not just an individual but a whole generation; It plays a vital role in influencing the attitude, behavior, determination of a child which is why it is all the more important to select an institution that has a good reputation.

Education Logo Design

When parents research an educational institution, they keep in mind a few factors like school’s reputation, its faculty, the programs etc. which is why it is now more important than ever for educational institutions to develop a reputable brand.  To build a brand that encourages learning, discipline and positivity. Your logo serves as the face of your educational institution hence it is important that it is memorable and communicates your message effectively.

An ideal education logo design can communicate your institution’s ideology on education to its community. It nurtures school’s spirit so it is important that a lot of thought is given to the logo design. It doesn’t end with the school year; a school’s logo becomes an identity and a symbol of pride for a student which stays with him for the rest of his life.

Images, text and colors all denote different things in a logo and it is important that each aspect of an education logo design is carefully thought out.

Colors – Bright and young colors are aimed at young children like Preschool, More subtle colors like gold and burgundy are for high school while more serious tones are used for Universities like Navy Blue and Maroon.

Text – It is very important that the text mentioned in your logo communicates your message perfectly. Choosing a right font is also crucial.

Images – Images like books, pens, owls (denotes wisdom) etc. are among the most common images used in Education Logo Design while another approach is to incorporate an image that represents school’s history like a school Mascot.

Competition is fierce so build a unique identity for yourself!

5 Pro bono Tips – Attorney and Law Logo Design

To be able to stand for yourself is a daily goal for everyone, however to stand for someone else is a different case altogether. An attorney and law logo design should captivate the stressful potential clients in need of legal assistance and assurance. After all ‘Service to man is service to God’. But proving your point via the logo design itself would not only be fruitful but in the long run would reap only benefits.

Attorney and Law Logo Design

  1. Images Used

Using images like 3 white pillars or a judge hammer or the blindfold justice sculpture is outdate. It still stands for the rights of citizens and equality but to be used in a logo design would lose the meaning of correspondence as every other law firm tends to have that image depicted. Nevertheless using these images as background for your website could be beneficial. Simple and straightforward font could reap all the benefits on one or two words.

  1. Color

White, Blue, Red and Green ensure satisfaction, trust and dependability. An Attorney and Law Logo Design may comprise of multiple colors as well, but the ‘right’ thing to do is to use one color for all. Even black and white would serve the purpose. Colors have to be subtle and not flashy as professionalism would draw trust and sensibility towards your brand.

  1. Style

Design inspiration collated online may be good for inspiration but not helpful for an overall final design. In order to be unique, design intuition and different patterns matter the most. Simplicity would help the complete logo for its communicative value, choosing a subtle style with only a few hints with the right font would definitely improve clientele via the logos corresponding attributes.

  1. Font

Sans Serif, Times New Roman and Calibri (Body) are all professionally sound fonts when it comes to designing an Attorney and Law Logo Design. Furthermore fonts on the business card, letter head and billboards appear all very different, so the more formal the font the better the presentation.

  1. Presentation

Overall, the complete set up with the Images Used, Color, Style and Font would bring out the professional image an Attorney and Logo Design would necessarily need.

How My Business Got a Complete Makeover – A Brand Makeover

What happens when you set out to start your own beauty salon? As an experienced beautician, I finally gathered enough money to start my own salon. With some of the best people I have trained over the years by my side, I embarked on this journey. A horizon that was new and unknown to me but I was really excited, I had thought this through, I had the skills, the best workforce, the best and world renowned products so nothing could go wrong, right? With all the talent and skills in my favor, I could even set up shop on the side of the road and start making profit; at least I thought I would but boy was I wrong about all of this. When I first started off, I didn’t know much about establishing my brand or creating a brand identity. My logo was made by my daughter with some free program online. My salon’s name in a bold font with a beautiful girl on the side, it looked perfect to me. What I did not know is there was nothing unique about it. I always thought that I didn’t need any marketing efforts but the harsh stinging reality hit me later that it’s not just me. There are about 20 other salons in my area alone offering the same services on same prices (give or take) so how do I make customers choose my salon over twenty others?.  I researched and talked to people about it and ultimately settled on the option I thought was the best to save my sinking business. I consulted a professional digital agency for complete re-branding of my beauty salon business. The first thing they worked on was my Cosmetics and Beauty Logo Design.

Cosmetics and Beauty Logo Design

They made me realize that image is everything. A good logo actually assures your customer that they will be pampered in your care. The logo needs to reassure that they will look and feel fabulous during and after their visit. Your logo is the most important part of your brand and your brand should be a reflection of your business’s personality and core values.

What I learned the hard way is I may be an expert in my field but it’s probably for the best if you resort to professional help when it comes to branding. So get your professional cosmetics and beauty logo design and let your brand be as beautiful and attractive as you.

5 tips to cultivate an Agriculture Logo Design

Double exposure of woman flying with leaves

  1. Creative Design

Following trends via inspiration may lose focus on the unique symbol attached within the motto of your company. Thus developing a new design based on typical agricultural farming or cultivation of crops would lead to a receptive and communicate logo divulging what matters the most- your product. An Agriculture Logo Design must hint towards cleanliness, growth and care.


  1. The need to Colour

Knowing that colour adds and entertains the psychological nerve of the human mind, sticking to earthly notes would be beneficial. Green is an exemplary colour pointing to growth, nurture and Eco-friendly environment, thus promoting your company motto along with instilling sense of security and trust.

  1. Show your product

Demographically, most agricultural companies tend to display less of their immediate product. As the masses would want to know what you specialize in, incorporating a symbol or a hint or an incomplete design of your specialized commodity would immediately grasp attention of the target audience, hence a hassle free ‘give and take’ is communicated directly via the logo. Using one colour pattern for different products would unleash the true potential of your Agriculture Logo Design.

  1. Social Culture- Agriculture

A logo design significant to an industry should leave the audience wanting for more. Social Media and its capability to not only boost your brand, but create a significant amount of difference in the sales department would indirectly lead to trust and loyalty from customers. The ‘About Us’ page on your website showcased on different Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) would display the core social values of your organization.

  1. New Technologies- Agriculture

At the drop of a hat we have new inventions for our ease and accessibility. Incorporating a new technological advancement within your Agricultural Logo Design or image may intelligently boost a brand. For example the drone fertilizers. Using the drone image within the logo would tell the masses that you not only accept technology but also are trending with it. Thus, kindling word of mouth for further recognition.