Cleaning and Maintenance Logo Design – Spick and Span

Every designer has one primary goal while designing. To make sure it’s as ‘unique’ as possible. Influence from other designs and patterns may very well form the contributing factor for a remarkable design. Nevertheless a designer has to make sure not to cross a certain boundary while influencing himself with other patterns. Because there could be a single brush stroke that may not be unique but not 10 of them, meaning which a design or in this case a cleaning and maintenance logo design could either be exclusive or look like an extravagant copy. It is at the end of it all in the designer’s hands to find matches and eliminate similarities.

Cleaning and Maintenance Logo

Ideologies Utilized

The first thing that would pop to any one’s mind when thinking of a cleaning and maintenance logo design would either be a broomstick or a vacuum cleaner in the hands of a pretty female with the title in the middle or the right with a unique trademark. This worked probably in the 70’s and 80’s. But the idea now has evolved so much so that each designer has a new perspective from small brushes used in fonts to that of water droplets on window panes being used to form the name of a cleaning company. But ultimately even the above becomes monotonous. Hence for a designer it is imperative to cash in on the organizations goals, motto or their vision and then incorporate the same within the final logo. This could lead to a remarkable design associated with a single specific cleaning company with an increased life span and thus thoroughly corresponsive.

Final Depiction – Colors, Fonts & Trends.

Blue is what is mostly seen to be the conclusive choice for designers for a cleaning and maintenance logo. But it has been so universal that ‘now’ they try to blend in abstract colors with the final image. More or less, adapting to colors instead of just a single color, statistically seems to be more beneficial. Colors like brown, green, red, black, yellow all are in favor for this specific industry.

Fonts on the other hand range from Sans Serif, Cooper Black and Forte. Most organizations benefit from the standard brush stroke font and thus ringing in uniqueness to the complete image.

New images or design intuitions also play a significant role and thus could lead to an exclusive Cleaning and Maintenance Logo Design. But a designer has to be ware when influencing his final image with the current trends, it may look good in black and white but quite the opposite in color. Hence hinting a new trend could be positive but not instilling the complete package.

Lead On – Business and Consulting Logo Design

business and consulting logo design

To be able to understand the perception of the masses upon a few seconds of a glance is the most imperative task for a designer. Coherent feelings towards each image we look at cannot only be productive but also counterproductive. There isn’t a lot of time although for a designer to understand the ideal corresponding value of his own creative image or logo, so they have to depend on external feedback, there is no other way. However with modern research and technological advances, there are online websites were you may upload an image and found out what sort of a rating is your logo worth. Nevertheless, there are copyright and infringement legalities to deal with and a whole lot of unwanted risk. For a Business and Consulting Logo Design, most significant is to maintain the corresponding value and to be able to communicate within a short span of seconds, the complete message of the client, their product and vision.

Believe in what you’ve made:

Discouraging feedback or inappropriate comments on a logo could only break the remaining confidence of a designer. Hence if you are friend or a family member of a designer and have been requested for a logo feedback, remain positive and deliver with encouragement first and the rest with the ‘truth’ and nothing but the ‘truth’. No matter how many designs you come up with always save the positive even if it’s only 1 feedback that which was assuring. Believe in the idea of your vision of a company and its motto but remain robust on negative feedback.

If you can take both negative and positive and review all aspects from all different reactions and criticism, you may just create a remarkable Business and Consulting Logo Design. Nevertheless the mind palace of each human being as a limit for storage and confinement of data.

Final Design

To be able to incorporate the motto and vision of the client in the final image is the ultimate goal of every designer. More or less images to influence designers can be found online, but is it truly worth it? To have an image ring in the minds of the masses that they have seen something similar somewhere is the failure of a designer true potential and talent. Proceed with what you feel about the clients company after building rapport and taking a stroll in their office, what truly transpires after that would lead to an astonishing business and consulting logo design.

The Importance of Logo Design for Educational Institutions

It is evident that no nation can survive without education. A child starts learning from the moment he opens his eyes in this world but the formal education starts from the time he is admitted in to an educational institution. Education is not just reading or writing though; it’s about having the knowledge and being able to reason. Education shapes the future of not just an individual but a whole generation; It plays a vital role in influencing the attitude, behavior, determination of a child which is why it is all the more important to select an institution that has a good reputation.

Education Logo Design

When parents research an educational institution, they keep in mind a few factors like school’s reputation, its faculty, the programs etc. which is why it is now more important than ever for educational institutions to develop a reputable brand.  To build a brand that encourages learning, discipline and positivity. Your logo serves as the face of your educational institution hence it is important that it is memorable and communicates your message effectively.

An ideal education logo design can communicate your institution’s ideology on education to its community. It nurtures school’s spirit so it is important that a lot of thought is given to the logo design. It doesn’t end with the school year; a school’s logo becomes an identity and a symbol of pride for a student which stays with him for the rest of his life.

Images, text and colors all denote different things in a logo and it is important that each aspect of an education logo design is carefully thought out.

Colors – Bright and young colors are aimed at young children like Preschool, More subtle colors like gold and burgundy are for high school while more serious tones are used for Universities like Navy Blue and Maroon.

Text – It is very important that the text mentioned in your logo communicates your message perfectly. Choosing a right font is also crucial.

Images – Images like books, pens, owls (denotes wisdom) etc. are among the most common images used in Education Logo Design while another approach is to incorporate an image that represents school’s history like a school Mascot.

Competition is fierce so build a unique identity for yourself!