KSA Marketing 101: Does A 3D Logo Encourage You to Buy a Product

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An old adage, ‘first impression matters’, is very much alive and kicking. A strong visual impression of your company reflects positive first impression of your business offerings to potential customers. KSA based marketers have recently conducted a study where they examined whether a strong 3D logo makes things working for you, which means that does it encourage customers to make an impulse purchase or not. Furthermore, the study inspected the brand relevancy with the logo design, image diffusion, and other similar aspects.

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We have been hearing since our childhood that “don’t judge a book by its cover’-In fact, the book cover really matters, especially in today’s competitive business environment. Image means everything to businesses and business owners won’t cringe back in spending even thousands of Riyals in getting a custom, good-looking and vibrant 3D logo design. Since, your logo reflects you, your offerings, your style, your image, your ethos—therefore it needs to be crafted considering the fact that it needs to be used for marketing and branding purposes.

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In order to lure your potential clients, you need to create a distinction in your graphic design so that it is easily recognizable. An effective logo would further enthuse, inspire, evoke and trigger the memories of customers causing them to recognize you instantly. An immediate response would make you purchase any product that gets exposed to you and within your reach, for example, departmental stores put highly marketed products on the shelves, which triggers customers to make an impulse purchase.

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Similarly, successive encounters with a 3D logo would ultimately bring more customers on board with increased sales or/and brand engagement with your target audience. We see many high-end companies like Apple, Adidas, Nike, their 3D logos may not sound very colourful, yet they have been able to turn themselves into billions of Riyals worth companies. The reason lies in their long lasting credibility and simplistic 3D logo designs. A picture is worth a thousand words if you design it well; emotional triggers encourage potential customers and/or even privileged clients to repurchase products over and over again, well, that’s the power of strong visuals.



The Correct Method to Hiring a Professional Logo Designer

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Hiring logo designer might seem like an extremely daunting task. Some designers come from a more classic art background, while some of them double up as website designers. Some designers have an amazing work profile, and some only have a few months of experience under their sleeves. Each designer presents different pros and cons. So how do you know who to choose?

Following are some tips to help you navigate through the world of logo designers.

  1. Have a consultation:

Even though some designers might charge you for the initial consultation, it is always advised that you go for this. Through this consultation you will be able to identify if you will be able to work with the designer successfully or not.

  1. Go through the designer’s portfolio:

Any logo designer worth their salt is going to have an online portfolio. This permits you to view the portfolio and judge their work profile thoroughly before finally hiring them. Discovering a designer from the pool of many with the designs you like in their portfolio is the main idea behind going through the portfolio.

  1. Ask them about their experience:

Even though this question can be answered by looking at their portfolio, it is good to have complete knowledge about the designer’s background before you move forward and hand the project over to them. If you have any questions regarding the projects they have in their portfolio, ask them about it too. Also be sure to ask them if they were the sole designer on the project or did he work with a team?

  1. Price Quotation and Estimates:

There is a huge difference between price quotation and estimates. Estimates are just that, an estimation of the cost and quotations are the firm and final price. Some designers might also have an hourly rate. Be sure to as the logo designer how their pricing system works to ensure there are no discrepancies in the future. Be sure to compare the costs with that of other designers to know about the market rates as well!

How to make your Place in the Creative Logo Design Industry

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The Design industry has been doing wonders lately, making place for creative young minds to pitch their design ideas in the Creative Logo Design Industry. Graphic artists are really popular in the recent times.

If you believe you have the capability to design a logo which would contribute to making a certain brand stand out, then you can follow some of these tips which may help you achieve the design you wish to see playing a significant role in the industry.


If you let a wide variety of ideas cook inside your brain, gradually they should coalesce into the logo you’re looking for. The trick? Knowing where to look for inspiration in the very beginning.

Search world-wide all over the internet, and you will end up with something derivative. Certainly, look at other people’s logo designs, but also look beyond that, at design in general and the wider world. Try to figure out what you would have done differently had you designed the logo. Whenever you see something that stands out or appeals to you, for whatever reason, file that thought; It will enhance your design process and contribute to your new logo as it starts to realize.

Just doodle

A common practice carried out by the best in the creative logo design industry is doodling. Sometimes you can overthink these things and end up getting nowhere, so why not cut your conscious mind out of the loop and instead let the creativity flow, unguided, with the help of random doodling? You may as well end up with a page of pointless scribbles, but somewhere in the disjointed mess of doodles, you might spot something that ignites the spark of inspiration.

Blast your brain with random images

Search Google Images and Pinterest to find inspirations. It does not have to be relevant to any particular industry as the best designs are always conceived out of the box. Add the results to your notes. Pick a color here, a shape there, a word, a typeface, then see how well they come together.

Stay receptive

At the end of the day, inspiration can strike anywhere, any time. Be receptive to the ideas that flow through your mind. Sketch something as soon as it comes to you and then revisit it later to see how it might work within the parameters of your brief. Even if such doodled concepts don’t make it to the final version, you can always revisit these designs when working on a different logo. At these early stages of the design process, you need to allow your creativity full rein. Give yourself plenty of ideas to work with and then take the best elements from each and save the rest for another time.


How to Start a Web development company in Dubai

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Dubai has emerged as an economic hub of the Middle East and has attracted people from all over the world. The diversity in the city is like no other city in the world and attracting businesses to set up their operations. For people who are looking to set up a web development company in Dubai, it is important to understand the dynamics of the market to successfully operate.

The first issue to be faced by anyone starting up with the web development business is to cater to the diverse target audience. Everyone has unique needs and wants and it is not possible for any business to attract everyone. Therefore, it is important for you to identify your target market. This will help you formulate your business strategy according to the specific needs of your target audience.

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A web development company in Dubai must offer services in multiple languages. The marketing and the services both must be offered in the local language, which is Arabic, as well as the language of your target market. It may not be possible for you to offer all the languages in start however, you can try to add to your portfolio with time. This will give your company access to the locals and may also motivate certain people to pursue your services.

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The marketing of your company is the most critical factor in its success. Many people tend to spend too much time focusing on the other operations of the business and ignore the value of a great marketing campaign. There is no other way for your potential customers to know about you if you are not marketing your web development company in Dubai. Allot a proportion from the budget and hire a professional marketing team who should then formulate the strategy to market the business as a brand.

To operate in a competitive market, you need to start your business with a feasible plan and strategy. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, it is likely that your business will develop into the brand you have worked so hard to realize.


How to Form your Web Development Company Limited

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The technological advancements of the 21st century have given birth to numerous businesses and services unheard of in the 20th Century. One of those businesses is Social media which has taken the internet by storm and revolutionized global communication and data sharing by connecting billions of users around the world on to a single platform. This has become the medium of choice for all the companies to market their products and services. With an audience of billions, these platforms allow companies to market to the millions of targeted users with the help of intelligent software. A web development company limited has to address such needs of these businesses and individuals who are looking to reach an audience online on such platforms.

So the ultimate purpose of a web design company is to address the needs of the client and in doing so include its unique flavor of design that best represents the client’s business. The designs must leave a good impression on the audience in order for you to succeed as a business. This is the basic principle everyone should keep in their mind if they plan to start a web development company limited.

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You will need to hire a team of designers and programmers who will be the main resource of your company. This is the hardest part as it is difficult to hire the best talent available. Experienced designers charge a lot of money but their designs are also worth it. So basically you would have to do a cost-benefit analysis and find out the right mix for yourself. If you are able to strike the right balance, your company is bound to prosper.

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All the other operational activities such as book-keeping and marketing would also require you to hire a team. As the owner of a company, you would have to look into each and individual department because a good boss always knows his business inside out. You can also consider the possibility of hiring an experienced consultant who can provide you with valuable insights on the business from his experience and knowledge.

You also may need to register your company with the local authority. You can either do it yourself or hire an experienced lawyer to do the paperwork for you. Forming a company is not very difficult if you lay a strong foundation in the very beginning and get all the fundamentals right.