How to make your Place in the Creative Logo Design Industry

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The Design industry has been doing wonders lately, making place for creative young minds to pitch their design ideas in the Creative Logo Design Industry. Graphic artists are really popular in the recent times.

If you believe you have the capability to design a logo which would contribute to making a certain brand stand out, then you can follow some of these tips which may help you achieve the design you wish to see playing a significant role in the industry.


If you let a wide variety of ideas cook inside your brain, gradually they should coalesce into the logo you’re looking for. The trick? Knowing where to look for inspiration in the very beginning.

Search world-wide all over the internet, and you will end up with something derivative. Certainly, look at other people’s logo designs, but also look beyond that, at design in general and the wider world. Try to figure out what you would have done differently had you designed the logo. Whenever you see something that stands out or appeals to you, for whatever reason, file that thought; It will enhance your design process and contribute to your new logo as it starts to realize.

Just doodle

A common practice carried out by the best in the creative logo design industry is doodling. Sometimes you can overthink these things and end up getting nowhere, so why not cut your conscious mind out of the loop and instead let the creativity flow, unguided, with the help of random doodling? You may as well end up with a page of pointless scribbles, but somewhere in the disjointed mess of doodles, you might spot something that ignites the spark of inspiration.

Blast your brain with random images

Search Google Images and Pinterest to find inspirations. It does not have to be relevant to any particular industry as the best designs are always conceived out of the box. Add the results to your notes. Pick a color here, a shape there, a word, a typeface, then see how well they come together.

Stay receptive

At the end of the day, inspiration can strike anywhere, any time. Be receptive to the ideas that flow through your mind. Sketch something as soon as it comes to you and then revisit it later to see how it might work within the parameters of your brief. Even if such doodled concepts don’t make it to the final version, you can always revisit these designs when working on a different logo. At these early stages of the design process, you need to allow your creativity full rein. Give yourself plenty of ideas to work with and then take the best elements from each and save the rest for another time.



How to Start a Web development company in Dubai

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Dubai has emerged as an economic hub of the Middle East and has attracted people from all over the world. The diversity in the city is like no other city in the world and attracting businesses to set up their operations. For people who are looking to set up a web development company in Dubai, it is important to understand the dynamics of the market to successfully operate.

The first issue to be faced by anyone starting up with the web development business is to cater to the diverse target audience. Everyone has unique needs and wants and it is not possible for any business to attract everyone. Therefore, it is important for you to identify your target market. This will help you formulate your business strategy according to the specific needs of your target audience.

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A web development company in Dubai must offer services in multiple languages. The marketing and the services both must be offered in the local language, which is Arabic, as well as the language of your target market. It may not be possible for you to offer all the languages in start however, you can try to add to your portfolio with time. This will give your company access to the locals and may also motivate certain people to pursue your services.

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The marketing of your company is the most critical factor in its success. Many people tend to spend too much time focusing on the other operations of the business and ignore the value of a great marketing campaign. There is no other way for your potential customers to know about you if you are not marketing your web development company in Dubai. Allot a proportion from the budget and hire a professional marketing team who should then formulate the strategy to market the business as a brand.

To operate in a competitive market, you need to start your business with a feasible plan and strategy. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, it is likely that your business will develop into the brand you have worked so hard to realize.


How to Form your Web Development Company Limited

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The technological advancements of the 21st century have given birth to numerous businesses and services unheard of in the 20th Century. One of those businesses is Social media which has taken the internet by storm and revolutionized global communication and data sharing by connecting billions of users around the world on to a single platform. This has become the medium of choice for all the companies to market their products and services. With an audience of billions, these platforms allow companies to market to the millions of targeted users with the help of intelligent software. A web development company limited has to address such needs of these businesses and individuals who are looking to reach an audience online on such platforms.

So the ultimate purpose of a web design company is to address the needs of the client and in doing so include its unique flavor of design that best represents the client’s business. The designs must leave a good impression on the audience in order for you to succeed as a business. This is the basic principle everyone should keep in their mind if they plan to start a web development company limited.

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You will need to hire a team of designers and programmers who will be the main resource of your company. This is the hardest part as it is difficult to hire the best talent available. Experienced designers charge a lot of money but their designs are also worth it. So basically you would have to do a cost-benefit analysis and find out the right mix for yourself. If you are able to strike the right balance, your company is bound to prosper.

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All the other operational activities such as book-keeping and marketing would also require you to hire a team. As the owner of a company, you would have to look into each and individual department because a good boss always knows his business inside out. You can also consider the possibility of hiring an experienced consultant who can provide you with valuable insights on the business from his experience and knowledge.

You also may need to register your company with the local authority. You can either do it yourself or hire an experienced lawyer to do the paperwork for you. Forming a company is not very difficult if you lay a strong foundation in the very beginning and get all the fundamentals right.

Important Traits Found In the Best Web Developer

The best web developer possesses certain distinct traits that sets them apart from their counterparts. Today, developers have different skills levels. For instance, you might find someone successfully managing Google’s large scale web applications, while others maybe struggling with front-end web development.

Hence, while hiring the best web developer, here are a few traits that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Takes Ownership

The best web developer will always take ownership of his work. He will never be completely be satisfied with the work he has produced. He will always look for the slight room for improvement to embrace excellence. Such a behavior is extremely promising since such a developer will constantly be learning new skills to improve his skills and abilities.

  1. Makes Achievable Promises

A good web developer, will know his limitations and skills. For instance, if a developer knows that he cannot do more than basic prototyping in JavaScript, he will never commit to taking the challenge. While it is important to push your limits, it is also important to know your shortcomings to minimize chances of failure.

  1. Thinks Ahead

A good web developer will think about the future and long term implications. He will not only be great with the coding aspect of things, but will also take maintenance and scalability into consideration.

  1. Focuses On Accuracy:

Web development requires precision, expertise and sensitivity to minor details. For instance, by missing on a single character within a code can result in making all your efforts futile. Best web developer will make sure to deliver things with utmost accuracy. They will ask a lot of questions to understand what a client precisely wants. Moreover, they will also follow up with the clients to ensure that things were as per their expectations.

It is not realistic to find all these traits in one web developer. However, if you are lucky, then maybe you can succeed in finding someone who strives to ensure accuracy across all mediums. The traits mentioned above are the ones separating an average web developer from a best web developer.

Essentials for Designing a Logo Portfolio

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While hunting for a new job or impressing a new client, your logo portfolio plays an integral role facilitating your hunt. However, many designers struggle with creating their portfolios for the very first time. The rebranding aspect to appeal to a broader audience is relatively tough for the masses.

Here are a few essential you need to take into consideration while designing a logo portfolio:

Upload the best of your work

Uploading only the best of your work is essential. Assembling and uploading a gallery of all of your work will not help your potential customers to determine what you can offer to them. Also, make sure to be 100% confident of every piece you upload in your portfolio. In case you are not, try not to include them.

According to a famous graphic designer, Jason Tselentis, one should only display 10 to 15 piece in a logo portfolio to make it attractive.

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Add different flavors

When you upload some of the best of your work, make sure to add and feature different flavors to capture the breadth of your extensive skill set. Adding variety is good as your potential customer would know what you have to offer. For instance, if you have expertise in corporate branding and layout designing, feature them in your collection.

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Make it responsive

Almost 75% of the web traffic comes from tablets and smartphones. Hence, keep in mind to make your logo portfolio responsive while designing it. Responsiveness is considered as an integral aspect of any website and these days you have to ensure that your site adapts to the device from which it is being accessed.

Focus on branding

It is easy to come up with a portfolio design that is attractive but looks similar to what your competitors are doing. To stand out and outshine in the market, focus on branding by coming up with a website design that reflects your personal brand.

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Lucrative Career Path: Web Development Offering Freedom and Growth

Web development is one of the most lucrative career paths with immense growth opportunities. With the Information Technology sector growing exponentially, the need for a web developer is greater than ever. While many analysts believe that web development will offer immense financial stability to individuals with adequate skills, the freedom that comes with being a developer often goes neglected.

For instance, in contrast to conventional occupations, the demand for a web developers is far more. In such a scenario, the developers have a greater variety of job opportunities to choose from. Moreover, since the web development industry is saturated, your chances of getting hired are also higher.

Corporate Employment vs. Self-Employment

Since web development is a skill-based job, a developer has the leverage to choose the nature of job he wishes to opt. In today’s time, there is no shortage of development companies that are constantly looking for potential talent to get on board. Likewise, corporate giants are also on the lookout for the right candidate.

This gives a web developer the freedom to choose the line of business they wish to get involved in. For instance, a web developer can start his business as a freelancer and render his service online. Moreover, they could start a small business from home or join an established web development business. The options are endless which makes this profession extremely promising. As per a recent study, almost 25% of web developers are self-employed.

Workplace Mechanism:

While most professions require you to physically work from the office. The job nature of a web developer gives them the freedom to work remotely. According to a survey, 29% of developers are presently working remotely. This clearly indicates that the web developers are the privileged lot that can work at their discretion with no constraints whatsoever.


Web development industry is growing at a rampant pace. With the IT sector booming, the market has become extremely saturated. It companies are constantly looking for talent having expertise in new and old programming languages. This reflects on the fact that web development is a lucrative career trajectory.