Essentials for Designing a Logo Portfolio

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While hunting for a new job or impressing a new client, your logo portfolio plays an integral role facilitating your hunt. However, many designers struggle with creating their portfolios for the very first time. The rebranding aspect to appeal to a broader audience is relatively tough for the masses.

Here are a few essential you need to take into consideration while designing a logo portfolio:

Upload the best of your work

Uploading only the best of your work is essential. Assembling and uploading a gallery of all of your work will not help your potential customers to determine what you can offer to them. Also, make sure to be 100% confident of every piece you upload in your portfolio. In case you are not, try not to include them.

According to a famous graphic designer, Jason Tselentis, one should only display 10 to 15 piece in a logo portfolio to make it attractive.

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Add different flavors

When you upload some of the best of your work, make sure to add and feature different flavors to capture the breadth of your extensive skill set. Adding variety is good as your potential customer would know what you have to offer. For instance, if you have expertise in corporate branding and layout designing, feature them in your collection.

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Make it responsive

Almost 75% of the web traffic comes from tablets and smartphones. Hence, keep in mind to make your logo portfolio responsive while designing it. Responsiveness is considered as an integral aspect of any website and these days you have to ensure that your site adapts to the device from which it is being accessed.

Focus on branding

It is easy to come up with a portfolio design that is attractive but looks similar to what your competitors are doing. To stand out and outshine in the market, focus on branding by coming up with a website design that reflects your personal brand.

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Online logo design deals have ruined he concept of aesthetically pleasing creative design

These days we see companies popping up everywhere. From software houses in one room apartments to high rise offices for consultancies, more and more people are exploring their entrepreneurial sides. This is why, today creative design and branding is more in demand than ever.

Ever since the very first logos were made for corporate or commercial purposes, people have realized how important it is. Customers form real connections with your brand’s logo and routinely use it as an identification point. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford the time, effort and expenses that go into the ultimate logo. In an attempt to get the best deal for their money without having to invest much a lot of people opt for online logo design deals on the internet.

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These deals are very easily found on the web and are advertised as instant logo generators. Sometimes freelancers, with not much work on their hands, also advertise package deals that can be bought for low prices. It is not hard to guess that the quality of work done is below par.

Some high revenue companies also find a niche market in clients with a low budget and target them with such online logo design deals. This results in the company receiving tons of orders and speeding through them without giving proper though or time to the designs.

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The first thing all of them do is lower the quality and level of design found in whole industries. These logo generators produce redundant, repeated designs that are highly unoriginal. In short, there is no sense of aesthetic appeal.

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Secondly, it puts good designers out of work. Designers that have spent years doing this sort of work or getting a degree will not have much work to do because people will be opting for these cheap, low grade online logo design deals instead.

There will be problems of brand visibility for companies who opt to do this which will result in bad sales revenue and low customer acquirement as a whole.

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Just because someone offers you something for cheap does not mean that is the option you should take. Especially for something as sensitive as the face of your company’s identity, it is very important to keep concepts of quality in mind as well.